5 Weirdest Things About Being Pregnant

5.  Every been kicked?  Like that, but from the inside… yeah, trippy shit.

4. It changes all your senses.  You’re never suppose to get a prescription for glasses while you’re knocked up.  Why?  Because your eyesight is all crazy and will go back to normal once you pop that sucker out.  Many women get bionic smell and my hearing changed so I’m in tuned with low baselines in music that I’ve never heard before, it’s awesome.

3.  It’s like puberty… again.  Your body is changing into a new weird shape, you’re getting hair in places you’ve never had it before, you’ve got hormones making you bounce between out of your mind blissful, blind with rage, and clinically depressed 14 times an hour, and you’re sexually frustrated. 

2.  One day all I ate was big fat slices of cheddar cheese, slathered in strawberry jelly, and drizzled with spicy mustard because that was all that sounded good… and it sounded FANTASTIC.

1. You’re basically a living matryoshka doll.


One thought on “5 Weirdest Things About Being Pregnant

  1. It for real messes with your taste buds. I remember buying these peaches one time, and the first one I ate was like the most amazing thing I had ever eaten. And the next day, I couldn’t even taste it. Lol.

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