Unschooling Mama

2011 Photo Project

A friend of mine who’s been exploring this uncharted territory of unschooling with me wrote an inspiring letter about how the best thing she can do for her children’s education is to model a life of continual learning for them and made a list of her own learning and growing goals for 2011.  She has inspired me to do the same.

Lifestyle and Home Skills:
-Learn to make bread that is better then the profoundly mediocre stuff I do now.
-Complete at least five crochet creations.
-Decorate the kids room and the playroom with awesome educational stuff. I can’t paint since we’re renting but I’m thinking of a mixture of cool posters, wall decals, and whatnot.

Creative Shit:
-Continue with this blog and/or unschooling website I’m attempting to set up.
-Keep up with the family scrapbook.
-Continue fine tuning the calligraphy skills.
-Finish the 2011 Photo Project.

Intellectual and Spiritual:
-Read at least four books from Hal and/or Peter (the wisest people I know).
-Explore at least two spiritual, religious, or otherwise other-worldly interests that crop up.
-Read at least two Shakespeare plays a loud to Verona.

Got any goals to expand yourself this year?  Not new years resolutions… just personal goals.  And… go!


3 thoughts on “Unschooling Mama

  1. Hey, I loved the unschooling link. The Photo Project is going great, I hope you can finish it, it´s a lot of pictures!

    For Home Skills, I just thought that I could involve my daughter (and myself) more in the kitchen. Will surely decorate her new room with her once we get to our final destination.

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