The Chicken Says “Cluck”

2011 Photo Project

My friend Marlowe and I decided the girls needed an adventure today so after coffee time at church we packed them all in strollers and walked down to Pratt’s, our local pet and feed store.  If you’re in the Phoenix area and needs pets, farm animals, or related equipment you should definitely check them out…if you have kids and want something fun that’s cheaper than the zoo, ditto.  They’ve got everything from bunnies, iguanas, and macaws inside and the big stuff; goats, peacocks, and pot bellied pigs in a backyard pen.  (Up above is them watching the snakes and tarantula.)  The people there are awesome, they let the girls help feed some of the animals and got one of the bunnies out of it’s area for them to pet.

Afterwards we went back to Marlowe’s house, had a fantastic lunch of enchilada casserole and beans (she is a great cook), and chilled out on the back porch enjoying the beautiful weather while the children ran around like little hooligans.

A good friend, amazing food, nice weather and chair on a porch… it’s a good thing the day didn’t involve a back rub or mimosa or I would have been genuinely concerned I had died and gone to heaven.


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