Some fun facts about me and alcohol.

1. I basically only write while I’m drinking.  Not drunk, just drinking.  Which is why I only post here once or twice a week and why you should be concerned if this started being the “multiple posts a day” kind of blog.

2. If you made a list of the “top five funniest things Jenna has ever written” I probably was drunk when I wrote those.  Just sayin.

3. I wanted a margarita tonight but was too lazy to make one so I just threw taquila in some organic Limeade from Fresh and Easy.  It’s better than expected.

4. I’m terrified of becoming an alcoholic, both because it runs in my family and also because I love margaritas so damn much.  That fear leads me to do weird, unnecessary things, like…

5. I eat popsicles instead of drink 90% of the time.  When shit happens and I think “Ugh… I need a drink!” I eat a popsicle instead because if you drink everytime something shitty happens in your day you’re an alcoholic for sure.  The result is that (between the kids and I… I’m not entirely to blame on this one) we go through three or four boxes of popsicles a week in our house.


4 thoughts on “Some fun facts about me and alcohol.

  1. Oh wonderful beautiful delicious margaritas! I, too, am terrified of becoming an alcoholic (both sides of the family here too), except my thing isn’t popsicles, but frozen fruit. Although I guess that’s kind of the same thing, really. I like to throw a handful of frozen grapes in my mouth because its pretty hard to talk with your mouth crammed full (that’s what she said). So sometimes it helps me keep my mouth shut when I would otherwise say majorly inappropriate things. But only sometimes. And there are always hand gestures.

      1. Muah ha ha…How can any conversation be had without one of those?? I don’t even know any more. Or a “your mama” line. One of the two happen frequently around this house.

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