Q: What is a Mennonite and why are you quilting outside the lines? Isn’t that just poor quilting?
A: We’re like Amish Lite. Social justice, community, simplicity, and pacifism. If you want to know more click here, but don’t watch the video… it’s super cheesy. The quilting thing is just a joke.

Q: What is funschooling?
H: It’s like unschooling but I have seen too many of my favorite unschooling blogs get bombarded with comments that they’re not unschooly enough to be *real* unschoolers if they haven’t traded the confining traditional school box for an equally confining unschooling box… and I just don’t have time for that nonsense so I use a different word on here to deter the crazies. If you want to know more about unschooling click here, it’s my favorite explanation.

Q: How are you so incredibly awesome?
A: It’s still a mystery, but scientists are working tirelessly to figure it out.


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