Funschool Sunday

What we’ve been doing instead of going to school.
1-2: Learning to spell (Finn) and write (Verona) their names (V is signing Christmas cards.)

3: Building gingerbread houses at the library.

4: Verona is obsessed with Go Fish.

5: We’ve been learning about jazz and swing… subsequently we’ve been listening to a ton of Django Reinhardt because I ❤ him.

6-7: We made birdseed ornaments to decorate the tree outside and feed the birds.

8: Aquarium

9: Verona is taking more formal lessons on the ukulele because she wanted to. Finn is playing around on the ukulele a lot because he wants to be like his big sister.

10: Reading together on the kindle.

11: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

12: Learning to make the holiday food of our people, pfeffernusse.

13-16: We went up north of Seattle to Port Townsend, the city that in the 1800s was supposed to grow into the largest shipping port on the west coast. We learned about the shipping industry, the town, Victorian architecture, local aquatic life, sea glass, the geography of the Puget Sound, and a hundred other things. The day ended with a ferry ride, the kids first, and answering the 100 questions they had then about how ships move. On our way across the sound we also got to see some wild otters swimming near by.


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