Funschool Sunday

Funschool Sunday, the rundown of our edutastic week with children.


1-2: The Portland Aquarium offers ridiculously cheap memberships to homeschoolers. The aquarium itself is pretty mediocre, but they have a lot of interactive stuff where kids can touch the animals.

3: My cousin from Turkey is back visiting and we got to go out for lunch and hear all about life there, the kids were especially interested in what kinds of things they eat there so she told us all about it.

4: Aviary!

5: Verona has been really into doing math with manipulatives lately. Everywhere we go she finds things and asks us to give her math problems to solve with them. That day at lunch there was minimal eating and maximum addition and subtraction being done with steak fries.

6: Our new favorite place to eat that’s really close to our new house has a kids area where Verona found an abacus. I showed her the basics and although she doesn’t understand place values yet she did spend a lot of time doing more addition and subtraction problems with the top row.

7-9: The kids wanted to know how cheese was made so I explained it to them as I understood it, when that wasn’t enough we found some youtube videos showing us, and when that wasn’t enough we decided to visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory. We learned all about cheese is made, got to watch the process in the factory, and tasted lots and lots of different kinds. Fun fact, back in the day white cheddar was a special holiday treat. Most cheese makers made white cheddar one day a year, Christmas Day, then would let it rest for an entire year and sell it the next Christmas.

10-12: Verona’s been asking to go to the beach for almost a year now and now that we live an hour away we can! Verona splashed, Finnegan built things, and we found a ton of these iridescent blue creatures washed up on shore. Nobody knew what they were so we went on an internet mission to figure it out. Turns out they’re called velella and they’re invertebrates that float on the oceans surface and eat zooplankton and small fish but occasionally get blown onto beaches in large numbers.

What did you learn about this week?


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