Pro and Cons of Hotel Living

When I was little my mom would get me Eloise books from the library. For those of you who don’t remember, Eloise is a precocious little girl who lives on the “tippy top floor” of the Plaza Hotel in NYC. Even at that age I had this sort of double personality brain so Full-of-Wonder-Jenna would get all starry eyed and think “Ooooo, I want to live in a hotel! That’s so glamerous!” just a second before Cynical-Preschooler-Jenna would scoff “What sort of bourgeoisie shit is this? Who the hell lives in a hotel?”

And before anyone yells at me yes, I’m aware that as a preschooler I probably didn’t know the word “bourgeoisie”. I also didn’t swear yet. But it’s my story and I can paraphrase if I want to.

But now I, yes I, I am this bourgeoisie shit living in a hotel. David’s company moved us up here so, being the good sports they are, are paying for us to stay in a hotel apartment until we close on the house we’re buying. It’s been an interesting experience so far. It feels like being on a vacation but you don’t actually know when you get to go home… while at the same time knowing that (for a couple more weeks at least) you’re technically homeless, which is why you’re here in the first place. It’s all very bizarre. And yes, a little bourgeoisie.

So here, for all of you who are still starry eyed and wondering what it’s like to live in a hotel, are the pros and cons of hotel living.

PRO: Somebody else makes me breakfast every morning.
CON: To get that breakfast I have to be up, clothed, and moving by 8:30, which doesn’t sound too hard but isn’t a normal event in our house.

PRO: Somebody else makes me coffee every day… all day….
CON: It’s really terrible coffee. (I drink it anyway.)

PRO: I have a maid! Several maids actually.
CON: I’m a pretty messy person and now there are a couple little Mexican women who know the full extent of my messiness.

PRO: I’m getting really good at my Spanish from practicing all the time because…
CON: I’m pretty sure the maids are talking about me and my aforementioned messiness to each other every time I walk by and I want to be able to know for sure.

PRO: I’m getting to experience full on minimalism first hand.

We’re in a furnished apartment, staged the way fancy magazines stage places they’re doing shoots of (a couch, a desk, some well placed art… not much else), and other than that we just have a big dufflebag of clothes, our laptops, and the kids each have one small tupperware container of toys. I’ve been caterwauling for years now about wanting to try out a minimalist lifestyle and now I’m totally getting to and nobody in my family can complain about it. BWAHAHAHAHA!

CON: It turns out minimalism is totally the worst. I want to have things available when I need them. I want to have as many pots and pans to cook with as I could possible need. I want my kids to have stuff to be able to really entertain themselves without just turning on the TV (a handful of Barbie stuff and a couple toy trucks can only get you so far).

Having less stuff is great. Not being consumed by consumerism is awesome. But until we get into the house and our stuff comes out of storage we’re at that “own only 100 things” level of minimalism you read about and it. is. dumb.

PRO: Once we do get into the house and all our stuff is out of storage I can have things or get rid of things as I sit fit without having this idea in the back of my mind that I’m failing everyone by not owning next to nothing, or that we would all be happier that way.

Cause I’ve been there, done that, and am totally over it.


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