New Blog Stuff & Funschooling Sunday

I’ve decided to combine a bunch of my blogs into one. I know most blogs have one niche audience they’re aiming at… because that’s good business… but my blog(s) isn’t a business, this blog is just because, well honestly I don’t now why I blog. But I do. And now it’s all going to be here (insert thunderous applause here) instead spread across various places on the interweb.

What this means for both of all of my loyal Plaid Sheep readers:

-Love the random musings from my brain and life that you’re used to being assaulted by every time you visit this space? Congratulations! That’s all still going to be here!

-Want to also see reivews of restaurants I love, awesome recipes, more photography things, and stuff about homeschooling/unschooling? Congratulations! All that and more is now going to be here as well!

-Not interested in seeing reviews of restaurants we’ve been to, awesome recipes, more photography things, and stuff about homeschooling/unschooling? Tough luck sweetheart, I’m putting it on here anyway.

So that’s that, you’ve been warned. Also, I’ve decided that instead of trying to keep track of the edu-tastic stuff we do, every Sunday I’m going to post the week’s rundown. I’m calling it Funschooling Sunday because I’m not feeling particularly creative this afternoon. Deal with it.

So here is our last week!
PicMonkey Collage1. On our way up to Portland we stopped for an afternoon in LA to visit grandma Olive and her daughter Mirial. Inter-generational learning at it’s finest.
2. Math with raisins at a rest stop half way up the coast.
3. Going through so many states required lots of map referencing for the kids. We talked about everything from the differences between a neighborhood, city, state, and country, to what highway numbers mean. Also it should go without saying, tons of geography.
4. Went to Powell’s Books, the biggest used bookstore in the world, to read and play.
5. Visited the Portland Rock Gym.
6. Read about Queen Anne’s Lace after finding some growing wild in a ditch. Also read about Queen Anne while we were at it.
7. Learned about owls at the Beaverton Library’s Nature Mobile program and got to dissect owl pellets. Verona found almost an entire mouse skull inside the one she had, all the little teeth were still in there and everything.
8. Mennonite bluegrass festival.
9. Visited the farmer’s market by the house we’re buying, met the venders, tasted lots of samples, and petted lots of dogs.


One thought on “New Blog Stuff & Funschooling Sunday

  1. Lol you sound like me. I have split my blog, combined my blogs and split it again about as many times as I have renamed it. 🙂 I still can’t decide which is best, but now I have the fun of watching you do it and maybe you can help me decide once and for all. 😉

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