Acorns, Magic, and Mennonite Bluegrass

In the desert big deciduous trees are really rare, so since coming to the north west Verona has discovered acorns and is OBSESSED. Positively obsessed. Finn think they’re pretty fun too, but I’m pretty sure Verona thinks they’re worth their weight in gold. Or magic. Or something.

Yesterday my friend Erinne and I took all the kids down to this Mennonite bluegrass festival a little over an hour south of the city. It was held on a farm with the whole back of the property for seating with the house’s back porch as the stage. The day was GORGEOUS, the area was shaded, there was a big play house for kids and swings and a big sprinkler system set up for them… it was awesome.
At one point Verona and I walked around the front of the farm house. She stopped, her eyes grew wide, I had no idea what was going on for a few seconds until she screamed “MOOOOMMMMM!  AAAAACCCCCOOOORRRRRNNNNNSSSSS!”

Lo and behold, there was a massive tree dropping acorns like it was its job. The ground was covered in them. Something I never in 100 years would have noticed unless I stepped on one barefoot, but Verona was already on her hands and knees scooping up as many as she could carry while I went back to my seat to listen to more music.

When she came back around I saw her hands filled with her tiny treasures, but instead of bringing them with her as soon as she passed the first person in their chair she stopped, looked at them, then reached out and handed them an acorn. The old woman’s smile at Verona’s generosity propelled her down the row, handing out acorns to everyone she passed until her hands were empty. Then she walked back around the house to get more. I smiled to myself and then didn’t think any more of it until probably 15 minutes later when I saw Verona march around the house again, acorns in hand, followed by 5-6 other little kids holding acorns in their hands, in bowls and cups they’d taken out of the play house, or holding up their skirts filled with the tiny things.

Verona had organized a small gang to help her. As I watched them get closer to the seating area she stopped them and started directing children to different parts of the crowd to hand out their goodies.

The kids all listened to her… girlfriend is apparently a very effective at leading and delegating work. The kids went up and down rows until I’m pretty sure everyone at the festival had an acorn of their very own.
_DSC0595 And I managed to get a picture. Winning.


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