My favorite thing about Portland.

We went to Portland for a couple days this past week to look for a house (which we found, by the way, and it’s perfect and awesome and everything I’ve ever wanted in a house and terrifying because previous to this my largest purchase ever has been like a $50 pair of shoes… but I digress.) and as we drove out of the airport the first thing out of Verona’s mouth was “What’s wrong with the trees?” I asked her what she meant and she said “They’re too big, and they have too many leaves. Something’s wrong with them.” which was when I realized that living in Phoenix my kids don’t actually know what trees are. What they think of as “trees” the rest of the country thinks of as “somewhat large shrubs”.

I am so in love with all the trees though. So so so so so in love. Everywhere we went there were trees. Huge trees, small trees, beautiful trees and Charlie Brown Christmas type sad looking trees… trees!


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