So it’s GISHWHES time again! Remember my GISHWHES adventures from last year? Cause it was basically the funnest thing I’ve ever been part of.

So I’m putting together a team for this year! Ask yourself the following questions: Would you be willing to order fast food in Shakespearean verse in front of people? Would you be up for dressing up like a burnt up princess and carrying a sign down the street about how a dragon just destroyed your castle? Would you feel comfortable asking strangers for hugs? Would you be cool with taking pictures or videos of all of the above?

Cause those are all things they had on the list last year. You don’t have to live anywhere near me but you have to be willing to put in some effort and be really weird in front of people.

The scavenger hunt lasts for one week (Aug 2-9), I’ll make a private facebook group for our team to discuss and when the list of things for this year is posted decide who is doing what and keep track of our progress. I would also recommend getting a friend from where you live to join our team too because while you really don’t have to live anywhere near any of your teammates I think it’s a lot more fun if you have somebody to physically accomplish tasks with. But that’s just me.

Want to be on the Plaid Sheep (or whatever we decide our name should be) GISHWHES team? Leave a comment on this post, email me, facebook message me, send me a homing pigeon… whatever works… and let’s do this! I can’t promise you won’t look like a weirdo to your friends and family but I can promise you’ll have a lot of fun. 🙂


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