Rocky Horror Picture Show

I have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show… something that Kristen has always been pretty thoroughly offended by. So when a live show came up on Groupon she jumped at the chance, bought me a ticket, and said I didn’t have a choice. Not that I really needed one.

We made costumes… because it’s us… I was Magenta and she was Columbia. I don’t know if I’ve ever worn that much makeup in my life.
rockyhorrorI had no idea what to expect. We got there way early so we could get good seats since we only had regular tickets for the crappy chairs towards the back but made friends with a guy in line who ended up having a table at the very front with bottle service and he invited us to join him so we ended up sitting right by the stage!

Speaking of stage, I got dragged up there. It was “pirate night” and the MC declared it an impromptu pirate impression contest and I do not kid around when it comes to theatrics… not to brag but my pirate impression was pretty ridiculously awesome and I won. The prize was an old box of Girl Scout cookies the MC had fished out of the back of his pantry and a kiss from an incredibly sexy pirate/Russel Brand’s doppelganger.

Wearing costumes and tons of makeup, being surrounded by the weirdest people in the tri-county area, making out with a sexy actor on stage in front of 1,000 people… the whole thing was like a one night flash back to theater camp.


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