Since I obviously have consumption…

When David gets sick he is an intelligent and reasonable human being about it. If he’s just a little sick he nuts up and muscles through it, if he’s really sick he lays around gets plenty of rest and fluids like the intelligent and reasonable human that he is.

When I get sick I turn into a massive drama queen. I decide I have some crazy illness then spend the next couple days laying around saying things like “I feel faint!” and reciting long and overly dramatic soliloquies bout how I’m dying from bubonic plague, bird flu, polio, or whatever it is this time. I’m not a hypochondriac, I don’t actually think I have these things, I just have a flair for the theatrical that seems to be exacerbated by germs.

The past couple days I’ve had a weird sinus thing and the drainage is making me cough up strange mucous-y globs at random points throughout the day.  David, of course, responds like an intelligent and reasonable human being.


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