Summer Fun List

When I saw Tonya’s blog post about her summer fun list I was inspired. Her list was all these awesome things for her and the kids to do but I made my all things I want to do without the kids involved instead… the fact that Tonya is a better person than I am will come as no surprise to anyone who knows either of us.

So there’s my list of what I want to get done this summer, with plenty of space at the bottom to add more things as the summer progresses.

Lots of things to read and things to see and shenanigans to engage in with Kristen… but honestly my #1 goal was that bottom one, get over my debilitating fear of bobbins.
bobbins2In sewing terms a bobbin is the tiny spool of thread in the bottom part of the machine directly under the needle.  In Jenna terms a bobbin is a tiny little asshole just waiting to fuck up all my shit and make completing whatever sewing project I’m attempting completely impossible. I like sewing, I really do, but bobbins are my arch nemesis.

So by “get over my fear” what I really mean is “conquor them forever so they can never bother me again”.

Regardless, we needed some more cloth napkins and I figured this epic fabric I found at Goodwill was the perfect thing for both the napkins and my attempt at completing a sewing project without eventually ripping the bobbin out of the machine and throwing it across the room. 
I really am in love with that fabric. And I was all ready to deal with the bobbin problem myself when it finally decided to pick a fight… except then David came home right in the middle of our epic battle so I ended up making him deal with it instead.

Don’t you judge me. It’s only June and I have all summer to battle with the bobbin again. It’ll happen.

In related news, what’s on your summer to do list/what else should I put on mine?


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