We’re Bringing Fancy Back

I had the most fabulous dream the other night.

In it Kristen and I were sitting at my kitchen table drinking espresso while our kids ran feral around my back yard… like we always do… when the song Sex Back came on. We started talking about it, one thing led to another… like they always do… and we decided we should bring fancy back.

So we went through both our closets and took almost every single thing in them both to Goodwill, then went shopping and refilled our closets with black collar level cocktail dresses and ball gowns. All while singing “we’re bringing fancy back”.

The dream ended with us at the splash pad, our kids running through the water and us drinking our Starbucks… like we always do… but instead of matching all the other women there in their yoga pants and tank tops we were both wearing these massive and fabulous quinceanera dresses. Everyone was staring at us and we were like…fancyback


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