So you know how I have a tendency to bring home strays?

Well this time I didn’t actually bring home the stray, the stray came to my home on it’s own… I just brought it inside. (Brought it inside, fed it, made a bed for it, spent all night cuddling with it, and named it… because that’s how I roll.)

Meet Kevin. Saturday night David found Kevin literally sitting on our doorstep, just waiting for someone to open it and let him inside so let him in we did.

He’s adorable, well behaved , perfectly potty trained, and knows basic commands so I can’t imagine there’s not somebody out there missing him dearly. He doesn’t have a microchip but I’ve been going door to door in our neighborhood with him and putting up fliers so hopefully we can find his family but if we haven’t by next week some friends of ours have already said they want to adopt him.

Either way, I get the joy of a furry little foster baby for a few more days so be prepared, Kevin, because I fully intend to OD on puppy cuddles in that time.


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