Conversations With My Husband : Movie Theaters

The conversation that happened between David and I when we got the kids a babysitter tonight and went out to a movie. As we were walking into the theater…

Me: “Wow… are we, are we the only people in here?”

David: “Yep, it sure looks that way.”

Me: “Not even one of the smaller theaters, this is the main freaking theater.”

David: “Hey Jenna, remember that time we bought out an entire movie theater to see a movie all by ourselves and it only cost us $15?”

Me: “It’s too bad it’s not a musical so we could sing along.”

David: “We can sing along without music if we want, nobody is here to stop us.”

Me: “We could sing and dance!”

David: “You could give me a hand job during the movie.”

Me: “Yeah… I’m pretty sure that’s not going to happen.”

David: “But it could. That means there’s hope… I have hope.”

Me: “We can put our feet up without worrying about pissing anyone in front of us off.”

David: “We could… wait for it…” (farts loudly)

Me: “We could sit here and just fart up a storm. We could fart through the whole damn film.”

David: “And every time it starts smelling too bad we can just get up and move to another part of the theater and sit there until we smell it up too.”

And then some old ladies came in and we weren’t alone anymore. So the talking and the farting stopped.


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