This Morning I Met a Princess. True Story.

This is my Phoenix dad, Lal.

Lal and I met a few years ago right after Verona was born and he immediately declared that spiritually I have always been his daughter and he is my father, and I went with it because Lal is one of the coolest people ever, not to mention freaking adorable.

Some background: There is something about my very being that seems to attracted weird events to my life, and Lal is “that guy” who knows everybody, there is not a single person on this earth I would automatically assume doesn’t know this man… so, when Darla, Verona, and I skipped church to go to a Bahai/interfaith prayer service at Lal’s house this morning and he introduced us to Her Imperial Highness, Crown Princess of Laos I was only slightly surprised.

Lal and his wife Dheena with Her Royal Highness.  Photo courtesy of Lal's son.
Lal and his wife Dheena with Her Royal Highness. Photo courtesy of Lal’s son.

Darla and I were asked to sing… so yes, I have now preformed for royalty… and when we were done since everyone else was already deep in conversation we got to sit down with Her Highness for coffee and tea.  Darla and I enjoyed it (the princess, who’s actual name I can’t pronounce, is a ridiculously nice woman and we knew this would be a fun story to tell) but Verona, who is currently obsessed with all things princess, could hardly contain how excited she was to meet her.

So yeah, that was my weird story for the morning.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Fish says:

    I swear your life is like a million times more interesting than mine!

  2. Jean newbold says:

    Oh my god….I can so relate to all of these profusely drunk animals…had one of the best belly laughs I have had in an eternity

    1. Jenna says:

      Glad to amuse. 🙂

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