A visual representation of how various alcohols affect me, using pictures of adorable animals.

pets11“I’m really full now, so I’m just going to sit here and watch you all make fools of yourselves.  Somebody get me some wings.”

pets9Wine is when I get really excited and decide it’s a good idea to blog or facebook people.  I do far more drunkbooking than I care to admit to… ask all the people who got upsettingly long and obscenely misspelled messages about how much I “value their friendship” last summer after hanging out with Michael Kauffman.  That’s right Michael, I blame you and your awesomeness.


Tequila makes my clothes fall off.  But since most dogs are naked I couldn’t find a picture that adequately expressed that so I found this instead.  When I’m not losing my top this is more of less what’s going on when tequila is involved.


“Hehehe, everything is the best!  Everything is hilarious!  Blahhhhh, let’s steal something!”

pets2“Go fuck yourself.  I’ll fight all y’alls.  Bitch.”



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