Conversations with Children: Polygamy

Verona: “Someday I’m going to get married.  I’m going to marry my dad.”

Me: “I don’t think you can marry your dad sweetheart, because he’s your dad.  You’ll have to find somebody else that you’re not related to.”

Verona: “Mom, you don’t understand how marriage works.  I’m going to marry my dad and he’s going to give me a wedding ring and it’s going to be super sparkly and we’re going to be at a wedding that will probably be in a field and I’m going to marry my dad.”

Me: “What if your dad doesn’t want to marry you?  You know… because you’re his daughter?”

Verona: “Of course he wants to marry me.  Why else would he tell me he loves me all the time?”

Me:  “Hmmmm, that’s a valid point I guess.  But you forgot one thing, me.  I’m already married to your dad.”

Verona: “Well, I’ll just marry him anyway.  And you can be married to him too.”

Me: “And we’ll just be some weird version of sister wives?”

Verona: “Yes.  But not actually sister wives, because I don’t have a sister.  We’ll be like mom and daughter wives.”

Me: “While I’m proud of you for making that familial connection, this conversation might have just gotten a little too weird for me.”

Verona: “Don’t worry about it mom.  I’m not going to marry him until I’m a grown up.  And that’s like, a thousand years from now.  You have lots of time to think about this before it actually happens.”


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