Phoenix Pie Festival


I like Erin Bramscher because she finds cool and random things to do and places to go and then does them.  But I love Erin Bramscher because sometimes she invites me along.  Also, I like Phoenix because we’re big enough to have things like this, but love Phoenix but we’re chill enough that things like this aren’t a massive chaotic nightmare.

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I am a fan of really good pie, and there was plenty of really good pie at the pie festival.  Entrance got us five tickets for “tasting” different kinds from various famous bakers around the valley, which we thought meant we would be getting tiny, tasting sized portions.  No, it was five entire slices of pie or an entire mini pie.  I can honestly say I’ve never eaten so much pie in one sitting (excluding munchy influenced college experiences of course).


At the bottom you’ll see a bourbon pecan pear pie with sweet bourbon whipped cream.  To the left a chocolate chili pie filled with, you guessed it, chocolate and spicy chilies; that one was actually a little dry but the flavor pairing was spot on.  To the right a peanut butter chocolate pie with a no bake cookie crust.  Up at the top a mini pie of tart black cherries with white chocolate crumble on top and a a blueberry rhubarb pie; those two were my favorite which is not a statement I make lightly because everything was so good I thought my taste buds were going to explode.

As though the day wasn’t fun enough as we left we ran across Judah Friedlander himself, just strolling down Van Buren downtown.  Proving again that you never know what crazy stuff this city will throw at you.


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