The past month or so.

We’ve had a lot going on recently… lots of people in town, lots of adventures and less than awesome business-y adult things, birthdays… anyway that’s my lame excuse for the lack of blogging going on in my corner of the universe.  But here’s a list to get you caught up since this week is Fashion Week which means busy days and long nights for this lucky photographer.

My parents were here!  (Some of my parents at least.)  So there was lots of reading, playing, going out and about, and what have you.

science center2
We also took them to the Science Center.

science center
Finnegan had a birthday!

Which means we had a party and made him a birthday cake.

science center3Oh, and Kristen and I decided we’re bringing back aprons as a fashion trend.  So not only did we bust out all the ones I already owned, but she acquired a few from her work that we’re decorating bleach art style.  You know… because we’re awesome like that.

We also took a lot of pictures of everything… because you know… it’s us.

science center4


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