Conversations with my husband : Disney Princesses

(A conversation I had tonight with that sexy Irishmen I call a husband while the kids were watching Pocahontas.  Most likely paraphrased at least a smidge, because it’s hard to remember a whole conversation word for word.)

David: “You know why Disney princesses can never have mothers?”

Me: “Because then they wouldn’t have such profound daddy issues, and most of the plot lines hinge on that?”

David: “Maybe.  But I was going to say because then they wouldn’t be so headstrong and feisty, they’d be historically proper ladies, so none of these shenanigans they get themselves into would ever be a problem.”

Me:  “So our daughter will never be the heroine of a story, because I’m raising her to be a proper lady… because I’m a proper lady…. right?  Right?  Say it!  I’m a classy lady!  Bwahahahaha!”

David: (rolling his eyes and going back to his work) “Sure, if that makes you feel better.  I’m just saying if you’re the kind of person who gets to be a queen you’re the kind of person who’s going to raise your daughter to be a quiet and demure princess like was expected then.”

Me:  “What about Merida?”

David:  “Who?”

Me:  “The girl from Brave.  She has a mother.”

David:  “Oh her.  She’s a red head.  Our people are headstrong and feisty by nature.”


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