Princess Farts

This is my dog Daisy.  Daisy is a little princess.

IMG_20130909_091238_529 (1)
Seriously, I have never met a dog more dainty and refined than this girl, it’s ridiculous.  If she had a dating profile it would say things like

Likes: Playing dress up, eating culinary masterpieces my daddy cooks, sleeping on top of a massive pile of pillows.
Dislikes: Intruders, dog food, having to sleep anywhere that’s not on top of a massive pile of pillows.

But one of the things she hates the most, in true pretty pretty princess style, is getting her dainty little paws wet… so when it rains getting her out the dog door at all is a win, but getting her far enough out into the yard to poop… well let’s just say she would die before she’d do it.

This is what our neighborhood looks like right now.

True story, that is the intersection right by us (I’m choosing to believe that truck got stuck when the water was much much lower instead of that someone was dumb enough to try and drive through), and our backyard looks like the junior version of that.  So Daisy has given up pooping cold turkey in response, and subsequently has been filling our world with the most noxious gas imaginable that we’ve started referring to as “the princess farts”.  It’s the worst.

When I woke up this morning after sleeping next to Daisy all night I almost threw up in my mouth our room smelled so horrible.

There really isn’t a point to this post, I just wanted to complain a little about the deadly fumes filling my house until this monsoon completely ends.


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