Two or three weeks ago a friend of mine mentioned that her daughter was doing GISHWHES, short for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen… I had never heard about it before but just the description was enough to convince me I HAD to be part of it… and had to make my awesome friend Rachel do it with me.

Also, I’m famous for doing crazy things on impulse which may have had something to do with it as well.

GISHWHES, for those of you who are too lazy to follow the link to the website, is a massive world wide scavenger hunt (my team alone had people from the US, Australia, Mexico, and the UK) with teams of 15 people trying frantically to accomplish 153 tasks and get either pictures of video to prove it.

Seriously you guys… I have never had made more fun with a project in my life.  I wanted to share it all with you as it was happening but you can’t share footage until after the hunt is finished.  But now it is!

Among many many others a few of the ones our Phoenix portion of the team (Rachel and I) did were gave a small child Einstein hair and had them explain the theory of relativity in their own words (that one was easy since I happen to have a small child, and it’s about time she learned the theory of relativity), went to a fast food restaurant and introduced myself, told the lady behind the counter how hungry I was, placed my order, and told her how happy the food would make me… all in Shakespearean verse, and made a DIY video about how to fix a marriage using nothing but a blow dryer, gum, canned peas, dental floss, and a stapler.

We also made a swimsuit entirely out of teabags, toast out of underwear, and a super hero costume entirely out of lawn care equiptment we found in the shed.

Here’s a picture of the teabag bikini creation in process… I’m not going to put the actual pictures of it, the toast underwear, or the super hero costume on the internet because there’s a whole lot of Rachel visible in all of them.  Sorry.

We made an edible version of our country’s flag.

And got a picture of two people of the same gender kissing while holding a sign advertising GISHWHES’s support of the Russian LGBT community since their crappy new laws on the issue.  The original item was two people of the same gender kissing in St. Peter’s square but they changed it a few days in so they weren’t getting people arrested.  Stupid Russia.

It was good for us though, Rachel and I have been looking for an excuse to do this for years.  🙂

EDIT: If I tried to put together a Plaid Sheep GISHWHES team for next year who would be on it with me?  Do you think we could get 15 people… because I know if we could our team would win because the more insane your members are the better, and I already know y’all are crazy and have incredibly low entertainment standards since this is your chosen reading material.  😉


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