Grilled Cheese… As Promised

I had more grilled cheeses to make than I had space in my belly.  So I made other people come over to try them all with me!  (Cue evil laughter.)

pecifically these cats, Rachel and Mico.

The first was a fig spread and brie grilled cheese.

It was good but a little too sweet for everyone.  I think it would be better baked separately in the oven and served with crackers when you want to pretend to be fancy.

Next was a buffalo chicken and a pizza grilled cheese.  For the buffalo chicken we mixed shredded chicken with buffalo sauce, drizzled it with some blue cheese, and smashed it all between some cheddar.  It was good but it’s hard to go wrong with buffalo sauce.  The pizza was great, just pepperjack, basil, and pepperoni… it was so simple but maybe that’s part of the beauty of grilled cheese… that it’s the perfect vehicle for simplicity.

Not pictured: Thai peanut grilled cheese, a spicy peanut sauce covering crispy chicken with cilantro and cheddar.  It was just ok, we gave it 3.5.

And a peach, brie, and basil grilled cheese.  The thai peanut didn’t get pictured because we had already had a couple margaritas and forgot… the peach didn’t get pictured because as soon as we smelled it we all dove head first into the plate.  I sauteed the peach slices for a few minutes in a pan with a little olive oil, then when they were slightly caramelized on the outside put them between two slices of bread smeared with brie and some fresh basil leaves.  True story, it was unanimously the favorite by far, 5 our of 5 coffee mugs!  You all need to go make one right now… I’m not even kidding.

Last but certainly not least, the apple cheddar grilled cheese.  After grilling the peach I threw thin apple slices in the pan with a fat pad of butter, a healthy sprinkling of cinnamon, and a handful of brown sugar.  It turned into apple pie filling which juxtaposed nicely with the cheddar and crisp bread.



2 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese… As Promised

  1. Tarrin says:

    I am salivating over this. Oh man. I’m gonna be going back through these posts when I get to Houston. I’ll be making these for my roomies for sure!

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