Kimchi, Fruit, and Bacon… Oh My!

Judith is one of those friends that I never see.  We met at a mother daughter tea our mutual friend threw like two years ago and hit it off, we read each other’s stuff online, occasionally chat about whatever… but we never actually see each other despite living upsetting close.

So today she came over with her youngest for a playdate/grilled cheese adventure!

We started out with a kimchi grilled cheese.  We cooked bacon on the griddle than crumbled a few pieces and grilled the kimchi in the remaining bacon grease.


Then grilled it and the bacon crumbles in wheat bread with lots of sharp cheddar.  The kimchi grilled cheese garnered a score of 5/5 coffee cups… assuming you like kimchi to begin with.  The blend of gooey melty cheese, buttery cheese, salty bacon, and spicy cabbage was perfect.

Our second cheesy adventure was a breakfast grilled cheese, just plenty of whipped cream cheese on two pieces of wheat bread, with handfuls of blueberries in between.


The Blueberry Grilled Cheese was a hit too, especially with the kids.  The cream cheese melts faster than most things so keep your eye on it because it doesn’t take long, and it cooked the blueberries a lot better than we thought it would.  Judith and I gave it a score of 4/5 coffee cups… not because it wasn’t fantastic (it was) but because we think we could make it even better next time.  We tossed around the idea of mixing the cream cheese with a little honey, vanilla, and/or cinnamon… and I think I’d like to try rolling the berries around in the pan for a minute first to see if it’s better with them softer.


We had some leftover bacon so we did a plain bacon grilled cheese too, it was out least favorite.  2/5 coffee cups.  You’d think it would be awesome, but grilling it makes the bacon less crispy and we both agreed we’d be happier just eating a plain grilled cheese and also eating some bacon.

So there you have it, more grilled cheese… getting tired of these food porn based posts yet?


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