I <3 Monsoons aka That Time I Realize I’m a Crappy Blogger

You wanna know why I love monsoon season?  This is why.


Because the sky look like this every night… seriously, every fucking night.  Except it doesn’t look like this, it looks different; every night is a new and different explosion of insane color in the sky that I would just eat with a spoon if I could.  I don’t even know what that means… that’s how awesome these sunsets are, they melt my brain with their beauty until I’m saying things I don’t even make sense.

And that’s just a crappy cell phone picture I took from my car, imagine how great it is real life.

It’s not like that all the time but monsoon season man, monsoon season is the best.  I also love storms which makes it better for it’s own reasons… there’s a huge one going on outside as I type this.

A few nights ago Verona and I went to a pool party and on the way home the sky was upsettingly gorgeous so I asked her if she wanted go on an adventure with me and see if we could get up on a mountain to get a good picture of it and of course she said yes… she’s always up for an adventure, she’s a girl after my own heart.  So we drove around for about 20 minutes as the sunset got more and more gorgeous, trying to drive up one mountain than the next and always being blocked in some way.

V’s screaming “We’re going to catch the suuunnnnsssseeettt!” from the backseat so finally I said fuck it, I was going to try and drive up the steepest, most terrifying road to get to the top of this one place I know about.  It’s probably not all that dangerous, just highly terrifying so I don’t go up there unless I have to.  But I chanced it, I got all the way up there only to find there was some super fancy fundraiser for millionaires in tuxes and whatnot and we couldn’t stop there either.

I was super bummed, we hadn’t been able to stop somewhere and watch the sunset or get a good picture of it (although, for the record, Verona didn’t care even a little bit, she was having a blast) but as I was coming down off the road from hell I saw this.


It wasn’t in a place where I could stop so I just slowed down, grabbed my camera, and quick shot this out my window.

A good blogger would in some way tie this into a life lesson, about finding beauty when you’re not looking for it… or not having to climb epic mountains to have a wonderful moment… but I’m not a good blogger.  I’m a weirdo from monsoon country who writes moderately inappropriate stories about my kids head injuries, bodily fluids, and affinity for small dead animals.

And since you’re still reading I’m assuming you’re cool with that.


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