Hallmark does not make a “Baby’s First Head Injury” card.

We had a huge fun day planned out today.  Kristen and I were taking all the kids including her niece and nephew to IHOP for breakfast, then to the Arizona Science Center, and back to my house to watch movies while we build a TLR camera I have parts for that needs to be assembled (and somewhat jimmy rigged… because I don’t actually have ALL the parts per se).  Regardless, it was going to be an awesome day for everyone.

Breakfast was awesome, but as I was putting Finn in the car before heading to the Science Center I watched as Verona lost her footing while trying to climb into her own car seat, and somehow tipped backwards and fell out of the car, landing straight on the side of her head on the rough and outrageously hot parking lot asphalt.

There was screaming, crying, and way more blood than I was expecting… and since our car was actually closer to Kohl’s than the IHOP in their shared parking lot I high tailed it in there carrying Verona and dragging Finn along by the hand, to the bathrooms which conveniently are located at the furthest furthest back corner of the store, as far away from the from entrance as humanly possible.

It wasn’t until I got to the bathroom that I realized how much blood there really was… and why everyone was staring at us.


I also realized other than wiping some of the blood off my own face there wasn’t a ton I could do in a dirty department store bathroom so we meandered back through the store to the front, dripping blood the whole way, while I called the pediatrician and asked what to do.

I don’t remember exactly what the doctor’s office told me, but it was the politely worded version of “Ummm, why the hell aren’t you already at the ER?  If your kid is bleeding from the head that’s where you go… why in the name of all that is good and holy are you wasting your time calling me when you should be driving your kid to help.”

But the ER would have to wait a moment because as soon as we got out the front doors of Kohl’s, being wished “Ummm, get well soon!” by the horrified woman at the register Verona abruptly stopped crying and turned to me.

Verona:  “Mom, I need to go potty.”

Me:  “Right now?  Can you hold it until we get to the hospital?”

Verona:  “Nope, but don’t worry mom, I can hold it till we get back to the bathroom in the store.  Remember?  The one we were just in.”

Me:  “I remember, why didn’t you go when we were in there a minute ago?”

Verona:  “I was distracted by how sticky my blood is.”

So we had to turn around and walk back through the store… to the continued horror of the staff.  (Not that I blame them.)



Kristen (who had already driven off by the time Verona fell) had come back by then and took Finn home with her while I took V to the pediatric emergency room, which happens to be at the hospital closest to us which is good to know.

She’s fine.  They used lots of fancy words that basically mean she has a huge pool of blood between her skull and scalp, and several abrasions but no big cut which meant she didn’t need stitches.  Usually they would admit her for observation but because David is a medical professional and I’m reasonably versed in all that jazz they agreed to discharge her if we felt comfortable assessing her state from there on so we went home.

Verona is currently counting the whole day as a win because the nurses all told her a bazillion times that she was a genius, (although to be fair it was after she informed them “The medicine you gave me will go to my stomach, then to my small intestine where it will be absorbed by my villi.” so she either is a genius or just watches a lot of Magic School Bus), she got a pretty hospital bracelet with her name on it, and they gave her popsicles… and popsicles are always a win in Verona land.

2 thoughts on “Hallmark does not make a “Baby’s First Head Injury” card.

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