The rest of ATTMF week.

ATTMF (short for All The Things Mother Fucker) week was my week without kids or husband where I was going to “clean all the things, organize all the things, declutter all the things”.  By the end of the week I had 11 entires pages of lists of things I was planning on getting done.

I definitely didn’t get them all done, but here’s what I did do.

Convention!!!!! –

Tuesday-Friday Mennonite Convention was in Phoenix.  Convention, for you non-Mennos, is when once every other summer somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 of my people descend on a city for a week of worship services, seminars, service opportunities, meetings to vote on church business, and so so much music.  Because we’re a fairly small group most of us know each other and/or are related so it’s kind of like a family reunion, high school reunion, college reunion, and summer camp reunion, all wrapped up in a four part harmony hymn sing.  You could go and just walk around all day just hugging and catching up with people.

I was honored to be put in charge of music for children’s convention (the k-5th portion of things) this year so between working at that and seeing people I ended up being down town like 12 hours a day every day.  It was insanely fun and so so awesome.


Some time in the mid 90s someone upcycled old jeans into vests so you could identify volunteers at convention if you needed to ask someone for information.  They’re super durable so they’ll probably never wear out (and subsequently we’ll probably never stop using them because we’re thrifty bitches like that) but their fashion tragicness has become a running joke of every convention.

Seeing So Many People (Thanks to Convention)

Every lunch and dinner of the week (and a few ice cream excursions in between) was spent out with fabulous people that I rarely get to see but were all in town for this.

The Bible says to pray without ceasing, but I ate without ceasing this week instead.


I introduced several people (including the magnificent Maureen, pictured above, and her husband Bryce) to Gallo Blanco which is the greatest restaurant in the world and if you’re ever in Phoenix you NEED to go there… and you should probably get a hold of me so I can go with you.  🙂

Epic Adventure With Rachel


See here for the complete story.

Winejama Party

Winejama party is the fancy way of saying Rachel (not the same Rachel from the roadtrip) and I want to get wine drunk together but it’s late and we don’t want to put real clothes on again so we wear pajamas because we’re classy ladies like that.  Yes, those are 30 Rock reruns playing in the background.


There also may have been poptarts involved, but you didn’t hear that from me.

So Many Productive Things

I went through a million boxes of old stuff my mom sent me.

I completely emptied everything out of the kids room with the exception of a few hangers still in the closet and went through every. single. thing.  So much stuff went to Goodwill or people with kids younger than mine, tons of stuff got organized.  Their room still isn’t completely put back together but we’ll get here and it will be completely decluttered!

I sorted through all my clothes and took the good ones to Buffalo Exchange (a hipster consignment shop) to sell but they only bought one thing… they think they’re so much cooler than I am.  (They probably are.)  The rest are in a few giant boxes with everything else destined for Goodwill.

I redid the kids’ dresser.  It was dingy and nobody liked it but we got it for free.


A few cans of spray paint later I had something the kids were so excited about they demanded a picture be taken with it.  For instructions (it was super easy) go here.


2 thoughts on “The rest of ATTMF week.

  1. Erin says:

    Love that dresser! You definitely had a productive week. Also, I LOVE Gallo Blanco and I insist that we go there when I get back to Phoenix.

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