As my week without kids drew to a close (yes, I promise to catch you up on all the rest of it later) I realized I’d spent almost the entire time working on things and I should probably go on an epic adventure while I still had the chance.  As fate would have it, the magnificent, illustrious, and down right fucking awesome Rachel Ward also had a few days without children… so obviously the only reasonable course of action was a road trip.


We started by heading up to Sedona… I cannot even tell you how much I love this place.  I’m rarely one to get head over heels over nature, but I can’t get enough of this place.  I think it’s all the bright colors, they make my soul happy.


Speaking of bright colors making my soul happy, this is my new friend Molly.  She has the coolest hair of anyone I know.

The only thing that makes me happier than making new friends on road trips is making new friends with fabulous hair… or new friends with epic vintage analog camera collections like her husband Miguel.  He and I shot the shit about film love forever and showed each other some of the great pieces we’d collected over the years… I’d only brought four cameras but Miguel’s collection made me drool.


After a while we headed up north to Flagstaff.


Flag brought more new friends, this time in the form of an old artist Rachel had met a couple years ago at Burning Man.  We had what was probably on the top three list of best pizza I’ve ever had in my life, then went back to his house to see the crazy skeleton sculptures he’s made and put all over his property and his series of wild cat paintings… I never before imagined there would be a cat painting that I liked but these were insane and awesome.



As it got closer to sunset we headed west towards Jerome, this funky little ghost town/artist community.  The drive to it through the mountains was gorgeous, we timed it just right.  See that road in the picture below snaking it’s way to the valley?  We got to rock that business with this view for like 30 minutes.


And the plains in the valley below.


It didn’t occur to me until way later that I didn’t get any pictures of the city itself on the digital, maybe I’ll show you some once I get film finished and developed.  In the mean time enjoy this polaroid.


We ended with a late dinner at The Haunted Hamburger, this weird local joint on a hill that may or may not have multiple ghosts but definitely has some of the best fried pickles I’ve ever had in my life.


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