Conversations With Children : Crime Fighting

This is the conversation that I just had with Verona.

Verona: (Running in from outside.)  “Mom!  Mom!  Mom!”

Me:  “What’s up squirrel?”

Verona: “I killed a bug!”

Me:  “Oh yeah?  Did you squish it on accident?”

Verona: “No.  I punched it in the face.”

Me:  “Interesting.”

Verona: “I killed it because I’m fighting crime.  I’m a crime fighter.”

Me: “What was the bugs crime?”

Verona: “It just wasn’t being very nice to me.”

Me: “It wasn’t being very nice to you?  You’re the one who killed it.  Are you sure you weren’t just not being very nice to it?”

Verona: “Mom, you don’t understand.”  (stares at me, waiting for me to magically understand)  “I saved the day.”  (She continues staring, clearly convinced I will understand any second if she just stares in silence for long enough… then gives up, turns, and runs at full speed back outside screaming) “FINNEGAN!  COME HEAR ABOUT HOW I SAVED THE DAY!  MOM DOESN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT CRIME FIGHTING IS!”


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