Thanks Youtube

Let your children loose on youtube and it’s entirely possible they will

-Become completely addicted to Macklemore and watch all his videos every day.  (Finnegan)

-Watch totally inappropriate amounts of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show.  (Verona)

-Discover what becomes one of your favorite hooping videos.  (Finnegan)

-Watch one too many old punk videos and get obsessed with the bright crazy makeup, then watch one too many Blink 182 music videos and get obsessed with Travis Barker’s mohawk, and then this happens.



Just look at her… she’s a little rockstar in the making.  Youtube….


One thought on “Thanks Youtube

  1. So I have a Youtube recommendation for you:

    The owner of this account writes down real conversations he’s had with his 2 year old daughter. He then gets an adult, male friend to pretend to be his daughter and they film the conversation and put it up on Youtube.

    The results are absolutely hysterical. I think you’ll love the two episodes they’ve shot so far. 🙂

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