90 Billion Sodas

David and I have a new obsession, and it’s our goal to try all the bazillion kinds of fancy soda at this nondescript little hole in the wall my friend Dierdre found, Rocket Burger.


Over 300 different kinds of soda and new ones all the time that the staff is usually super excited about.  These people know their soda.


I totally wasn’t kidding about David and I trying them all… so be prepared for more soda posts.

We were only going to get a couple, but then they said if you buy five you get one free so… hell… you can never have too much soda.  The Fungal Fruit tasted like bubble gum which isn’t bad I guess but not a taste I’m excited about.  River City makes an awesome root beer and the Raspberry-Lime Rickey and Stewart’s Grape was delicious and exactly what you’d expect.


The Chocolate-Covered Maple Smoked Bacon… oooo that was good, but not for long.  That’s one you get to share the novelty of with other people.  After my first sip I swore I would drink a whole case, but by the third sip I was like “The smell of bacon in this mixed with the moisture on my face that is unavoidable with a carbonated beverage makes me constantly think that my face is greasy… and now I’m done.”

The Cafe Azteca Sparkling and Spiced Espresso Cola was my favorite.  It tasted like a dirty chai latte, but in soda form… I bet it would make a mind blowing float.  The Cafe Azteca is now tied as my favorite soda with one I got previously on an adventure with Dierdre called Leninade.  The carbonated lemonade was good, but the bottle kept us laughing all evening long because it was covered with hilarious communism jokes including the tag line, “Leninade, A Taste Worth Standing in Line For”.  Because the only thing that can make a good soda better is getting a hearty serving of political humor as well.



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