My Favorite Old Lady

Grandma Olive is the coolest old person that has ever lived… or at least the coolest one I’ve ever known.  She’s hilarious, has INSANE stories from the great depression, WWII, every other war, women’s lib, and anything else you can imagine that’s happened in this century, and she sees us visiting as an excuse to pump my children full of sugar.  And isn’t that what being a grandma is really about?

She’s not actually our grandma, she’s just awesome and didn’t have any grandchild that lived here which was a fabulous coincidence because I am also awesome and I also didn’t have any grandparents that lived here.  So we decided to team up and adopt one another as family.

Verona and Olive even had a joint birthday party one year because their birthday's are only two days apart.  Verona was turning one and Olive was turning 92.
Verona and Olive even had a joint birthday party one year because their birthday’s are only two days apart. Verona was turning 1 and Olive was turning 92. (Verona’s not as dirty as she looks, her face and hair are just covered with birthday cake.)

Verona and I went to hang out with her every Friday afternoon for a year and a half until her daughter decided to move to out to California to live with her.  We were all super sad, but we write to each other and she comes back to visit occasionally so she can see us and have pizza parties with her friends at the retirement home.  (I’m not even kidding.  She threw a pizza party last night for her friends.)

So today we went with her and her daughter Murial to the park.


Finn got to hitch a ride on her walker.
Finn got to hitch a ride on her walker.

I’ve come to the conclusion that when people hit a certain age there ceases to be a middle of the road in terms of personality.  Old people are either the coolest people you’ve ever met in your life or they’re miserable and you wish they would just hurry up and die already… something about the loss of memory and bone density pulls one to the extremes I guess.  Regardless, if you don’t have an awesome old person in your life you should go find one, because they’re the best.


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Old Lady

  1. Miste says:

    I swear it was only yesterday that you were all “surprise! I popped out a tiny person” he’s like…tall and looking unimpressed in the photobomb picture hahaha 😀
    Awesome old lady!

  2. Grandma Olive looks like she’s a lot of fun!

    I have a theory about aging and personalities: our personality traits – good and bad – are magnified a hundredfold when we grow old.

    Younger adults who are slightly irritable become that grouchy, antisocial old bullywho yells at kids to get off his/her lawn and makes everyone else’s lives miserable.

    But younger adults who are kind, patient, and compassionate radiate love when they’re 80.

    I believe we eventually become the character traits we practice. It takes a *lot* of work to become a patient/forgiving/optimistic/kind/gracious person if your personality isn’t naturally that way. (I’ve been trying to cure my pessimist streak for years. 😉 )

    Often aging brings along with it a great deal of physical and emotional suffering. Loved ones die. You’re diagnosed with a longterm illness or disability. These kind of experiences strip away the “polite” face we put on in public and reveal who we really are as human beings.

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