I may not be as classy as I thought.

The conversation that happened last night while David and I were cleaning up from dinner.

David: “Do you want the rest of my beer?”

Me:  “Sure.”  (Picking up his glass and seeing five or six fruit flies swimming around in it.)  “Oh holy fruit flies batman!”

David:  “They’re back?  They always get in my beer.  It’s gross.”

Me:  “I know.”  (as I walk to the sink and start fishing the fruit flies out with a spoon)  “They get in my wine all the time too.  If it’s just one or two I pretend I don’t see them, keep drinking, and count it as some extra protein in my day.  But since there’s so many and this is the expensive beer I guess I’ll do the classy thing and fish them out before I keep drinking.”

David:  “Wait… in your world the classy thing to do is fish the flies out… and then drink the rest anyway?”

Me:  “Oh… well when you say it like that…”

David: (interrupting me) “Nope, I take it back.  In your world that is classy, I’m not sure why I even doubted you.”


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