The TMI Post

I am sick, like raging raging sick.  I do not get medium sick ever… I’m either feeling slightly under the weather and am totally fine again after a day of chilling out or I’m shooting all the nutrients in my body out of orifices I wasn’t even aware I had.  It’s super gross.

I have found a secret weapon though… it won’t make you feel better but it will make feeling crappy a little less terrible.

vitamin water

Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate Vitamin Water.  This is super gross so I wasn’t going to tell people but it helps so much I kind of felt like I had to.

If this is the only thing in your stomach your vomit will taste exactly like those little Swedish Fish candies.  True story.  Throwing up is never any fun, but it sucks quite a bit less when it doesn’t taste like regurgitated corned beef or fried pickles (which are, in my opinion, the grossest things to throw up ever… you do not want to know how I know that.)

As an added bonus, it smells like Swedish Fish candies too.  You know that moment in the middle of the night when you just threw up in the trash can next to your bed and you can’t find the energy necessary to go throw the trash bag away outside but you know that otherwise your room is going to smell like upchuck in the morning?  (No need to answer, I know you do, we’ve all been there.)  Well now you can just go back to sleep and/or rolling around in your bed moaning without worrying about it.  When the cursed morning lights rises on your rolling and moaning your room will smell like candy.

So that’s my TMI for the day, next time you’re not feeling good you’ll thank me.


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