My dog is allergic to Christmas

Just when I thought our poor obese dog Barney couldn’t possibly get any fatter he had a crazy allergic reaction to something this morning (my currently theory is that he finally got that bee he’s been trying to eat for the past week) and swelled up like a balloon.  Every inch of his fat rolls… I mean body… was covered in giant bumpy hives and his eyes were swollen damn near shut.

I racked my brain for someone close who would have an EpiPen so I could just stab the guy, but I couldn’t think of anyone so instead I shoved a handful of Benadryl in a piece of cheese and made the dude eat it.  I wasn’t sure what kind of dosage was appropriate for a dog since it didn’t say on the label (and yes… I actually checked before I realized how ridiculous that was) but I figured since it’s not possible to O.D. on an antihistamine but it is possible to go into anaphylactic shock this may be a “more the merrier” kind of situation and loaded that rolly polly bastard up.

Then I dragged him along to my inlaws despite their eye rolling because I was still worried his air way was going to close in on itself and basically told them they could deal with our dog or have Christmas sans our entire family.

They reluctantly said ok.

So Merry Christmas everyone, what kind of craziness did y’all experience today?


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