I’m Mrs. Brightside

Remember that time I tore all* (*blatant exaggeration) the ligaments in my leg while saving all those nuns from the collapsing coal mine?  Well there are plenty of reasons why being a cripple while having two small children sucks but the optimist in me can’t stop searching for the bright side.  So, in honor of that, here’s 6 ways in which my injury could have been worse.

And finally, a “could have been worse” that was pointed out to me by a good (and super classy) friend at church this past Sunday…


2 thoughts on “I’m Mrs. Brightside

  1. I love that post so much. Brought a smile to my face as yours always do! I love your refreshing, humorous take on things. Even leg injuries. And yes, a leg injury would be preferable to a vagina injury every day! Unless of course it resulted in two kids as gorgeous as those ones in that photo!!

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