These are a few of my favorite things.

A few of my favorite things… all of which magically collided over the past week.

1. Hula hooping
2. Hoop decorating
3. Kids
4. Community
5. Bev Fong

Our whole church goes up to the moutains every fall to hangout for a weekend, and this year David and I made a bazillion plain hoops to be decorated by all the hoop virgins we know.  I was hoping for at least 10 people to show up… we had about 40.  It was super super fun.  And of course there was Bev (in that last picture), who is probably the coolest person I know (if I can be half as cool as Bev when I grow up I will be happy) and she became my hoop star, learning new tricks and rocking out.

6. Reading
7. Writing

Since I came home from retreat on crutches (I hurt myself saving a van full of orphans from a run away train.) I’ve had a ton of “couch time”, meaning so much reading and writing.  Incidentally, if I wrote a parenting book called “The Zen Art of Chilling The Fuck Out” do you think anyone would read it?

8. Coffee time
9. Birthdays
10. My baby
11. Bagels

My sweet little baby pterodactyl turned one this past Thursday so that morning at coffee time he had a birthday bagel.  I’m pretty sure he likes bagels more than cake anyway… actually I’m pretty sure he likes bagels more than anything.  There’s a good chance he likes bagels more than he likes me.

12. Hookah
13. Fabulous ladies

Hookah and fabulous ladies… do I really need to say more?


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