Bobbleheaded Babies, Illustrated

In case you hadn’t heard yet, my baby, Finnegan, is crazy freaking adorable.  I know I’m a little biased, ok I’m super duper biased, but I’m pretty sure totally objective opinions come up the same.

Here, see for yourself.

The thing you can’t see in most pictures though because he’s usually sitting down (although that’s rapidly changing) is how crazy disproportionately large his head is.  He has this fabulous giant head that is so much huger than the rest of his body and… sigh… it’s adorable.  That might just be my mommy-ness coming out but seriously, I adore that super-sized noggin of his.

Because my rambling can’t properly express my baby’s bobble-headed-ness to you I drew you a little visual.

Babies and small children, for those of you who have none, are measured by percentiles comparing them to other children their age.  So a perfectly average baby is 50th percentile in all measurements, meaning half the kids their age are smaller than them and half are larger.  A kid who is in the 25th percentile is bigger than roughly a quarter of the kids their age, and smaller than the rest.  Got it?

Here’s a simple graph.  Most kids, whether big or small, are more or less proportional.

Big bodies, big heads.  Little bodies, little heads.

Finnegan, on the other hand, is rocking a teeny teeny tiny body coming it at the 1st percentile for height.  And his head is in the… wait for it… wait for it… 95th percetile.  So he has that first tiny baby’s body with that last giant baby’s head.

He looks like this.

It’s hilarious and adorable (have I said adorable yet?  Have I mentioned that he’s adorable?) and I need to glue him to the dashboard of my car where he belongs.


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