Boob Art

Remember when I told you I would probably tell you everyday what I was doing on my summer of whimsy project?  Then I never did?  Haha!  You fell for it… thinking I would follow through on anything ever!  Bet you feel pretty stupid now, huh?

As it turns out most of them didn’t turn out to really be story or picture worthy… although they were still super fun and are making my life an awesome and whimsical place.

I have, among other things, engaged in several either delicious or tragic culinary experiments, taken several photography adventures, and made all the three prong outlets in my house into tiny faces.

Don’t pretend you don’t think these are faces every time you see them. We all do.

Fun fact: My house has very few three prong outlets… I didn’t realize until I did this.

Anyway, last night I came across Pricasso, an artist who paints all his work using his penis as the paint brush.  Of course I immediately sent the link to my friend Kristen on facebook who thought it was equally hilarious, one thing led to another (as it usually does with us), and this morning we got together… I contributed the lunch and activity for the kids, she brought a cheap babysitter, paint, and jello shots… and we got to making some boob art!

A few more afternoons of this and those tanlines will be gone.

Check out that blank canvas in front of us!  Not blank for long!

Art work drying on the porch.

Own those stretch marks Jenna!

And, our finished masterpieces.  I know I know, we’re awesome.


6 thoughts on “Boob Art

    1. I’m… flattered? I’m choosing to be flattered because I’m not entirely sure what I’m suppose to be, but you added a smily face, and being flattered is easier than being pissed off.

  1. Erin says:

    Have I told you lately that you are one of the coolest people I know? Those are actually really beautiful paintings! And way to own those stretch marks!!

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