Sex, Holograms, and being a nerd.

The nerdiest conversation you’ve ever heard, starring my friend Mark.

Me:  In Star Trek world, what do you think the social convention is about having sex with a hologram?

Mark: Are holograms solid enough for intercourse or is this just a voyeuristic thing?

Me: Solid.  Fully intercourse-able.  They don’t generally hold holograms to be the same as for-really-realz people but do you think their culture would equate it more to fucking a prostitute or just good old-fashioned beating it to porn?

Mark:  I would assume it’s like porn, because it’s not a real person.  It’s full sensory porn.  Somebody is making a killing off that.

Me: Makes sense.

Mark: How do you think that applies to an android like Data?  To me a hologram seems more like porn and an android is more like a crazy sex toy.  What exactly prompted this conversation if I may ask?

Me: What else… watching Star Trek and being weird.

Mark:  Fantastic.  I was hoping you had gone to Comicon and come back with suggestive souvenirs.

Oh I wish Mark… I wish.


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