Photography Adventures

Project “Summer of Whimsy” Days 2 and 3

Downtown has awesome things to take pictures of, everywhere you look there’s some fabulous architecture, or funky cafe, street performers, a protest of some sort… you name it, it’s happening.  If I could I would take solo photography adventures down there every third day of my life.

It should be noted that we live all of 15 minutes away from downtown.  It’s not like going is a big damn deal in reality… only in my mind.

Tuesday I took the kids down for a photography adventure… which amounted to me taking about four shitty pictures, realizing the kids were bored as hell and I wasn’t getting anything good, before scrapping the whole plan because there were more fun ways we could be spending the day.

So I called a friend that lived close, we took all our kids to one of those frozen yogurt buffets, to the library, then let them run around in the shade outside the library where all the skater kids were doing cool tricks and the homeless people were napping… you know, urban culture and all that.

Not the adventure I had in mind, but fun for everyone anyway and that’s the point.

Wednesday nights I have small group at a coffee shop down there so yesterday I left early to try again, sans little monsters.  I knew of some funky street art I wanted to see if I could capture… I didn’t get as much as I wanted cause the lighting was weird, but here’s a few of the more decent ones.

Birds and Butterflies on Roosevelt
Wine and skulls at the coffee shop.


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