Dear Homemade Bread, Get in my mouth!

Project ‘Summer of Whimsy’ Day 1

Fact:  Bread with rosemary in it is one of my favorite foods of all time.  I could eat loaves of the stuff and still be smiling about it while I moaned in pain on the couch all night long as a result.

There is absolutely no excuse for us to not have rosemary bread in our house all the time.

So my awesome thing for today was Verona and I brought out our inner bakers.  With my favorite cook book for bread recipes in hand,…

…some fresh rosemary from my friend Dierdre’s garden,…

…my tiny, adorable, and oh so eager assistant…

…we got to baking!

And by “we” got to baking I mean I got to baking and Verona got to shoving raw bread dough in her mouth every time I turned my back, it turns out girlfriend really loves her some rosemary.

It turned out kind of weird shaped, and didn’t taste nearly as good as I thought it should but I have some ideas to try for next time.

It did make a fabulous panini though.  Fresh from the oven rosemary bread, pesto, veggies, and pepperjack.  Yum!


4 thoughts on “Dear Homemade Bread, Get in my mouth!

    1. It was just flour, yeast, honey, and beer, in the appropriate proportions. And rosemary of course. I also brushed a little olive oil and sea salt on top right before I baked it.

  1. Yes. I love homemade bread. So much that I would roll around naked in it. And rosemary (and garlic!) is my absolute favorite. Smothered with goat cheese. OMG.

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