Let the children out of the cage!

A few weeks ago Lenore Skenazy, author of the book “Free Range Kids” and the blog of the same name invited parents interested in the concept to get together across the country with other like-minded families.  Like any good crazy lady I thought “The chance to hang out with strangers!  Yes!” and posted an open invitation on her blog for a picnic at the park by my house.

It was a blast.  A handful of parents, a small soccer teams’ worth of kids between the ages of teeny tiny and 9 (claiming to be 10), and a vast over abundance of food which I’m sure stray animals will be enjoying the remaining bits of all night long.

It was a perfect place to have it.  All the adults could shoot the shit in the grass while the kids flowed freely between us, the playground, the surrounding fields of grass, and a few giant colonies of crazy bugs they found.

Verona found a new bff in the other little girl there, and proved that you can love making snow angels even if you’ve never seen snow in your young life.

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