Farms and Things

It occurred to me that, aside from not posting nearly enough lately, I haven’t put any pictures up in FAR too long… I’m turning into one of those boring text blogs.  I’m here to remedy that today.

This past weekend we got to spend some time on David’s extended family’s farm down in Yuma.  For these little ferrel children of mine there aint nothing better than a farm.

Verona has ridden horses a few times before with her older cousins but this was Finn’s first time up on one, he didn’t get to ride it, just sat for a few minutes while Verona squealed with glee.

Finn got more attention than he can handle from aunts and uncles.

The best part though was that Verona found a tortoise, Jhenaveve, who lives on the ranch.

It was love at first sight.  At least for Verona… I don’t really think Jhenaveve gave a shit.  Verona spent the majority of the afternoon following the poor thing around where ever she went, giving her hugs and kisses and little neck scratches which she assumed tortoises would like since dogs do.  Reasonable assumption I guess.  And Jhenaveve never bit her so I’m taking that as a sign that she agreed.


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