A Boring Conversation Template

And no, I don’t mean our conversations are uninteresting, our last name is Boring.  Because we’re awesome.  But I digress.  Approximately half of all conversations in our house start in one of the following ways.

Me:  “I’m not sure if this makes me weird or not but…”
David:  “Let me stop you right there.  If you have to start a statement that way I can guarentee you that it does make you weird, but continue.”

Me:  “I don’t mean to sound like a shitty parent but…”
David:  “Before you go any further you should know that if you have to start a story that way it will definitely make you sound like a shitty parent, but continue.”

Me:  “I don’t want to sound racist but…”
David:  “But… you just gave away the fact that you’re totally going to sound racist right now.  But continue.”

Just for the record, I’m not actually racist.  Just because I thought all the guys in this music video were the same person dressing up different outfits and changing his hair (and for the record, David thought the same thing) doesn’t make me racist… it just means Korean pop stars have a tendency to look incredibly similar… and that’s not my fault.


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