It’s my birthday and I’ll hoop if I want to.

Am I the only one who’s weirded out by birthdays?  There’s something bizarre about getting a ton of attention for something I had little to no part in.  I mean, Susan was the one doing all the hard work that day, and from I’ve heard she accomplished it despite my best efforts.  (Apparently I was mad set on staying right the hell where I was… I sucked at change from the get go.)

Jenna, quit rambling!

This past weekend was my birthday, and despite birthdays being inherently weird (expulsion from your mother’s uterus cake!) was pretty fun.  We started Friday night going out to dinner with David’s family to one of those Japanese places where they cook all the food in front of you, throw it around, do crazy tricks, and light stuff on fire.

That, my friends, is an onion volcano.  Edible topography for the win.

Then Saturday night all our friends went to Tim Finn’s, everyone’s favorite Irish pub, to celebrate my birthday and our good friend Alisha’s.  We’re birthday buddies so it usually makes sense to do a joint birthday party since we have all the same friends.

We weren’t out that late cause we had to get home and put kids to bed but a couple of our friends came back to our house to continue the festivities.  I’m not sure how it started… yes I do, a couple of our friends smoke like chimneys so we were spending half the night outside anyway… but we ended up in the backyard where all my hoops were sitting.

And really, who can resist a hula hoop when they see one?

So the rest of the night was spent outside with everyone hooping, chatting, drinking, and eating smoking or eating popsicles (they have their addictions, I have mine, don’t judge).

It was sheer birthday magic.


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